About Us

Fi and Tim

We are Fi Cameron and Tim Woods; we live in Nottinghamshire in the UK with our 4 generations of Swedish Vallhunds Tilly, Freki, Teja and Ursa.

We passionately believe that, since Vallhunds are a working breed, it is important to preserve and develop their Herding abilities. (Our Kennel name ‘Bowkol’ is an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘Cattle Herder’)

We find that they are ideal companions for our ‘Outward Bound’ activities and firmly believe that a fit, active Vallhund makes for a content and happy dog.

We are occasional breeders, aiming for well-constructed Vallhunds who maintain a strong herding instinct. We thoroughly health test our dogs and are passionate about the welfare of mother and pups, and that they find knowledgeable and active homes.

We hope you enjoy our ‘Bowkol’ Swedish Vallhund Website as much as we enjoy our dogs!

Fiona and Tim with Megan, Loki and Tilly Vallhunds

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