We show all of our 4 Vallhunds from time to time.  We have tried to summarise their Show Careers below very briefly, as although we are proud of their successes we are very aware that endless lists of results can be very tedious to read!!! At the end of the day we all take the best dog’s home with us……

We do take pride in our Vallhunds being well muscled and fit for purpose in the Show Ring, and that we know that they are all capable of doing, and indeed DO the job that they were originally bred for – Herding!

Loki at 5 years old

Starvon off the Cuff for Bowkol (ShCM)

Dob 27.10.2005

Pedigree: Click link at bottom of page.

Health Tests: Hip Scores 2+2 = 4

Show Results:

Open Shows: Loki gained his Show Certificate of Merit in 2011, including several BOB and Best AVNSC wins, plus a Pastoral Gp1, Gp2, Gp3 and two Gp4 awards.

Championship Shows:

SVS 2006 Res Best Puppy Dog.

WELKS 2009 1st LD (8 entries)

East of England 2010 3rd OD (8 entries)

Blackpool 2010 3rd OD (7 entries)

Driffield 2012 Reserve Best Dog

SVS 2012 3rd LD

Birmingham National 2014 1st VD

Darlington 2015 1st VD & Best Veteran

Crufts Results : 2007 Reserve JD, 2012 3rd LD, 2013 3rd VD, 2015 2nd VD.

Megan at 3 years oldMegan

Castleavery Gold Gaiety for Bowkol

Dob 02.10.2007.

Pedigree: Click link at bottom of page.

Health Tests: Hip Scores 4+3 = 7

Show Results:

Open Shows: Several BOB & Best AVNSC wins, a Pastoral Gp1, Gp3 & two Gp4s.

Championship Shows:

City of Birmingham  Best AVNSC PB & Best Puppy.

Bath 2008 Best PB & Res Best Bitch.

WELKS 2012 1st PGB

East of England 2010 Ist LB
Driffield 2011 Res Best Bitch

Driffield 2012 Res Best Bitch.

Leeds 2014 2nd LB.

Birmingham National 2015 1st VB, Best Veteran in Breed.

Welsh Kennel Club 2015 Ist VB, Best Veteran, Reserve Best Bitch, Res BOB, Res Bitch CC. gaining Megan her Stud Book Number.

Driffield 2015 1st OB, Best Bitch, BOB.

Crufts Results: 2009 2nd JB, 2010 1ST PGB (7 entries, Judge Mr O.M.Germundsson : Sweden), 2011  VHC LB, 2012  3rd LB, 2013 1st GCB, 2014 Res OB, 2015 1st VB.

ShowingstillyTilly at nearly 4 years oldTilly

Starvon Valkyrja Mist for Bowkol.

Dob 03.12.2010.

Pedigree: Click link at bottom of page.

Health Tests: Hip Scores 4+3 = 7

Eyes Tested Clear 28.05.2013, 19.03.2014. & 04.09.2015.

Open Shows:

Out of only 4 Open Shows entered as a Pup : two BPIB, one BP AVNSC, Res BOB,  twice Pastoral Puppy Gp 1, one Pastoral Puppy Gp 2.

Championship Shows:

East of England  2011 1st PB & Best Puppy.

Driffield 2012  1st Special Yearling.
SVS 2011 3rd JB

Birmingham National 2014 2nd PGB.

East of England 2015 2nd LB.

Crufts Results: 2012 3rd JB, 2013 3RD PGB (7entries), 2015 Res PGB.

 frekiportraitFreki at 2 years old.


Bowkol Dragon Dancer

Dob 25.09.2013.

Pedigree : Click Link at bottom of page.

Health Tests : Hip Scores 5+3=8

Eyes Tested Clear 04.09.2015

Open Shows:

Out of only 2 Open Shows entered as a Pup : two BP AVNSC, one Pastoral Puppy Group 1.

Championship Shows:

East of England 2014 1st Puppy Bitch.

Driffield 2014 1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy.

East of England 2015 1st PGB.

Driffield 2015 1st PGB & Reserve Best Bitch.

Crufts Results : 2015 Res JB.





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