We are delighted to announce the arrival of a litter of puppies!

On 3rd May 2016 Freki : Bowkol Dragon Dancer gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies, one girl & 4 boys. frekilitterpups

The sire is the very handsome Buse : CH/SWED/FIN CH Svedela Billy Busevader at Pepperthyme , bred by Anita Whitmarsh, and owned by Wendy Amon of the very respected Pepperthyme Kennels, a huge thankyou to Wendy for allowing us to use her gorgeous Buse (who went on to win Best of Breed at Crufts 2016 the week after Freki's mating ! ) 

Pictures on the right is our smiley Freki with pups, she is proving to be the very best of mums, and the puppies are thriving. Happy Days !

See updates on our Blog Page on their progress in the coming weeks.

If you feel you may be interested in providing the very best of active homes for one of our puppies, whether now or in the future, you are very welcome to phone us for a friendly chat on : 0775 3609120 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bowkol Breeding Standards:

We breed only occasionally, and aim to breed well constructed Vallhunds of good temperament who retain their Instinct to Herd Livestock, and are true to the Breed Standard.lick

Both parents are always Health Tested : their hips are X rayed, we only breed from dogs whose hip scores are on or below the average for the breed at the time they were scored, and we only breed from dogs whose eyes have been tested clear within the year that they are bred from. The Inbreeding Coefficient from both our first two litters is 2.6%, in the case of our current planned litter it is 1.5%, which is considerably lower than the Annual Breed Average Inbreeding Coefficient for Vallhunds published by the Kennel Club at 8.5%.

The puppies are born and raised in our home, from 4 weeks old they are brought downstairs from the whelping room to socialise with all our other Vallhunds, to explore our home, and to be gradually exposed to everyday noises, smells and experiences (e.g. vaccum cleaners, washing machines, television, visitors.) At around 6 weeks old they are all taken for a few short car journeys with their mother.

We believe passionately that the mothers well being is paramount in producing a confident and grounded litter! So we always take plenty of time off work around the time of whelping and for many weeks afterwards to care for her, and her puppies well being. Crucially, the mother is allowed to be with her pups as much as she wants to long after they are weaned, as this is a period when the pups learn so much from their mother and our other dogs in terms of social skills and confidence. We also believe that both the mating and the birth (unless of course in an unforseen medical emergancy) should be entirely natural, therefore we do not artificially inseminate (if the sire lives in the UK) or arrange for 'elective caesarians' with our vet.frekiluv

All our puppies are regularly wormed (as is the mother), have their first vaccination, are microchipped and registered with the Kennel Club before going to their new owners, who receive the relevant paper work when they collect their pup, plus a bag of the high quality kibbles that they have been weaned on.

All owners receive a Puppy Pack of advice and information which we e-mail to them some weeks before the pup comes to live with them. We are really pleased that all our pup owners have kept in touch with us, (whether by phone, e-mail or Face Book) and some have visited to say 'Hi' to their family and show us what lovely dogs they have grown up to

When chatting to prospective owners about Vallhunds we make sure to tell them about the negative, as well as the many positive, aspects to the Breed. Vallhunds are not 'perfect dogs' and it is vital that owners make a decision that is right for their families and for the pup. We prioritise owners with an active lifestyle, usually (but not always) with previous experience of dogs. We would love our pups to have a chance to be 'useful' in a Smallholding home, or have owners who enjoy the Great Outdoors, or Agility activities.

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

Previous Litters :

Bowkol Dragon Litter : 25th September 2013.

Seven very healthy puppies, 5 boys & 2 girls, were born to our Tilly : Starvon Valkyrja Mist for Bowkol, & her mate Truls : Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme.

We are extremely grateful to Rosemary Peacock Jackson of the very respected Kirkholme Kennels for allowing us to use her lovely boy Truls, this was a first mating for both Tilly & Truls.

Bowkol Epik Litter : 11th December 2014.

A beautiful litter of 4 puppies, 3 boys & one girl, born to Tilly : Starvon Valkyrja Mist for Bowkol, & her mate Milo : Pepperthyme Golden Earl.

Many thanks to Collen & Martin Allwood for allowing us to use their handsome boy, foe whom it was a first mating.

For latest photos & updates see our Blog Page.

We are particularly happy that all pups live very active lifestyles, including 4 in farming families. Freki, and several of the other pups have already shown a working potential with geese, sheep and cows, one pup has disposed of some 70 mice (owners have lost count!) on his Arable Farm, & one, as a now adult dog, enjoys 4 hour romps over Scottish Moorland. So far 4 pups have been Shown at Champ Shows qualifying for Crufts on their first attempt, with one gaining the Reserve Dog CC from a good entry at East of England 2014 under the Breed Specialist Judge, & one winning the PGD Class @ Crufts 2016. Most importantly for us though, all are leading fun, very much loved lives, and maintaining a dedication to extreme naughtyness!

We look forward to updates on their adventures.

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