lokiLokiAKA ‘Loki Bear’ (He looked like a bear cub when he was a pup)

Moto: ‘I Herd therefore I am’.

Likes: herding livestock, playing with small terriers, particularly Jack Russell’s, female dogs in general unless they are very hairy when he can mistake them for sheep.

A keen Mountaineer, loves wild camping, swimming (particularly in the sea) unless there are big dogs around who he thinks may try to drown him….Loki is a soft boy at home on the sofa, the most devoted, loyal dog we have ever lived with.

Dislikes: people who assume he wants a fuss from them, big dogs who insist on being ‘in his face’, crowded situations.

Favourite food: liver cake……otherwise content with his kibbles.

Favourite walks: anywhere where there are big open spaces and the wind is blowing in his fur!

Also enjoys woodland walks with his ‘big dog’ pack, in whose company he can relax and chill out.





meghiMeganAKA ‘Pwincess’, ‘Pinecone Meg’ (She IS a ‘Pwincess’ and on a John Rogerson ‘ultimate recall’ course refused to retrieve any objects apart from Pine Cones), ‘Pub Dog of the Year’.

Moto: ‘It’s all about Megan’.

Likes: Fuss from humans (doesn’t matter who really, so long as they realise how special she is…), ‘heeling livestock’, tracking with her human ‘Dad’, showing off and posing in the Show Ring, flirting with male dogs and then telling them off if they get fruity, going to the Pub, targeting other customers with her smile and wagging the tip of her tail at them until they give in (usually quickly) and HAVE to give her a fuss….Loves posing on the sofa for a cuddle, but checks that everyone in the room is watching her!

Dislikes: Being ignored…..being put to ‘bed’ when she wants to stay up with the humans….Tilly being too cheeky.

Favourite Food: pretty much anything….Megan is a bit of a ‘gannet’…

Favourite walks: Open heathland for ‘tracking’, otherwise any walk if she ends up in the Pub afterwards….Or gets fussed by strangers…..




cutetillyTillyAKA ‘Tilly Pup’, ‘Little ****’

Moto: ‘Every Day is my Favourite Day’ ‘Yeah…like WOTEVA….’

Likes:  everything that life likes to throw at her. She is the cheekiest, naughtiest most upbeat enthusiastic dog. Loves ‘ruff play’ with her 2 Staffie Bull friends, herding sheep and goats, very agile mountaineer, happy to say ‘Hi’ to strangers, but more interested in their dogs. Very bold swimmer, adores Loki, pretends to give in to Megan’s authority but then goes and does it anyway! Tilly is extremely cuddly and affectionate on her back on the sofa, just loves life.

Dislikes: mildly dislikes her claws being clipped, otherwise everything is just great!

Favourite food: ‘Woteva!’

Favourite walks: Anywhere with enough space for sprinting around, where you meet dogs that understand ‘ruff play’, and where there may be mice to be tracked and disposed of.







AKA: Too cute for her own good!

Moto: Bring it ON and lets PARTEE!!

Likes: Everything and everyone, the sound of her own voice, wrestling her brothers Barley and Odin to the floor when they meet, learning new Ninja Vallhund moves off her mother Tilly. Freki takes evrything in her stride and nothing seems to phase her. She takes naughtiness to a new level and then some! Fun loving, enthusiastic and extremely energetic.

Dislikes: Her initial dislike of claw clipping necessitated the wearing of thick gloves by the humans, but gentle persistance has paid off and she is now an absolute sweety with it.

Favorite food: Loves most food items if the food belong to someone else and she can steal it....

Favorite walks: Preferably walks which include dancing like a crazy pup in hay, sand or mud. Oh and meeting lots of other dogs and people....


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