Loki & Freki pup visit Norfolk for more Herding Training

Dec 16

October & November Herding in Norfolk......muddy, happy dogs!

October & November 2014 saw Loki (pictured) & apprentice herder Freki Pup visitng Norfolk again for more herding training with Sarah Jenkins.

The November sessions saw a virtual mud bath for both dogs but they still showed endless enthusiasm for the task.

In the last session they both benefitted from working with BC Dot, as the sheep were very light lambs from this year, & the field enormous, so Freki in particularwas helped by Dot covering the sheep's escape routes to the far side of the field.

Loki in the past has been quite unsettled by the presence of a BC working in the same field, this time I was really pleased to see him unphased by Dots presence & work as a rather 'odd' looking brace!

Meanwhile back at home Freki's mother Tilly is starting to look like a round little Xmas pudding....!

Welcome to the 'Epik Litter' ! Born 11/12/2014

Dec 16

Tilly has had 4 very healthy puppies, 3 boys & 1 girl!

 We are delighted to welcome into the world Tilly's : Starvon Valkyrsta Mist for Bowkol & Milo's : Pepperthyme Golden Earl 'Bowkol Epik' Litter!

4 healthy puppies were born on 11th December 2014 in the middle of the night : one girl & 3 boys.

Mum Tilly is doing really well & once again being a fantastic mother to her plump puppies.

We are very grateful to Milo's owners : Colleen & Martin Allwood, for allowing us to use their handsome boy Milo, it was a first mating for him.

The main photo features a proud & happy Tilly with her pups at just 12 hours old.

Click on the Gallery below for photos from Week One!

25th September 2014 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tilly x Truls Pups - ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!

Oct 20

One year ago Tilly gave birth to 7 beautiful healthy Puppies : the Bowkol Dragon Litter, 7 puppies entered the world in 2 hours - a testament to Tilly's fitness & instinct as a fantastic mother Vallhund!!!

25th of September was a date that we will never forget!

7 puppies were born from our Tilly x Truls mating, all were healthy, & Tilly was THE most fantastic, instinctive mother.

We are sooo happy that all of our wonderfiul puppy owners have kept in touch throughout the year.

Thankyou to all of you for giving Tilly x Truls special puppies such lovely active homes, we are just SOOOO proud of all the puppies !

October 2014 : Herding Day out for Vallhunds in Lincolnshire

Oct 19

Early October saw a visit from Castiel & family, and a chance to see if he has a Herding Instinct!

October 2014 saw a lovely visit from Castiel, his owners Carrie & Neil, & his buddy Atlantic. We had 2 lots of walkies with sister Freki & mum Tilly, a nice Pub Lunch attended by Megan, & finally Loki hosted a Herding Day with Trainer Dave Pickford in Lincolnshire.

This was Castiels very first experience of sheep, it was lovely to see a very busy, (& vocal as expected!) heeling instinct from him. Brother Barley & Helen had their best session yet, sister Freki was courageous facing the horned heads of Hebrideans, & then managed to actually slow downto do some nice fetching & follow on moves.

See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4W6lZQNkko

Then of course 9 year old Loki (once he had finished cocking his leg & rolling!) showed the youngsters how it's REALLY done.

One of the very BEST things about breeding a litter of pups is meeting up with them & their owners again! Lovely to see Castiel so healthy, confident, happy & active - thankyou Carrie & Neil!

August /Sept 2014 : Sheep Herding, Sunshine Walkies, Shows & Home.....

Oct 15

In which we show how Vallhunds can have Brains AND Beauty !

August was a lovely sunny month weather wise for walks on the wild side. Loki, Tilly & Freki pup visited Norfolk for further Herding Training with Sarah Jenkins.

Tilly is more confident, Freki is being worked with minimal interference while her puppy brain absorbs what is effective with sheep & what isn't. Loki did really well in a 6 acre field gathering 50 sheep, flanking & fetching them to me, & even penning them. Really nothing makes him as chilled & content as herding livestock!

Freki pup went to Driffield Champ Show with her brother Barley, where he won PD, Freki then won PB, & then Best Puppy!

Her last Show as a Puppy was Leicester Open Show - no Breed Classes, but she was 1st in the AVNSC Pastoral Puppy Class, Best AVNSC Puppy, & then won Group One in a well attended Pastoral Puppy Group!

Freki says she still much prefers Herding & Walkies to Showing,but it was a lovely way to end her Puppy Show Career !

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