Loki Herding Meets Andy Warhol !

Aug 9

Loki goes Psychadelic......but he also did some good work Herding today!

Loki has gone Psychadelic over his Herding!

We may get a Print made eventually.....

Seriously though he is getting very confident with his new flock.

Being a Male Vallhund, he has to spend a couple of minutes cocking his leg on the telegraph pole in the 4 acre field, checking out if any boy BC's have been in the field the day before, & rolling in sheep poo etc to cunningly disguise himself, before he settles down to the job in hand.

Such are the joys of working a boy Swedish Vallhund!

Loki Fetching Sheep in a 4 Acre Field

Aug 6

There are advantages to training Loki in a huge field!

Loki seems happiest working sheep in the big 4 acre field.

When we first started him with sheep, various people felt that to train a small dog who cannot out sprint sheep (although he can just keep a pace with them) in a huge field was not a good move, as the could get away from him & he wouldn't be able to control them.

Our current training sheep are 'dog broke' but if you do the wrong thing they are OFF! Megan, partly because she is unwilling to go to their heads (which is actually where the control is) struggles to control them in the big field.

But Loki is doing pretty well in the big field, they seem to think he means business, & the size of the field means there is no danger of sheep panicking & running into a fence, which means that for the moment I am letting Loki get more confident by making decisions himself & developing his 'vallhund' instinct.

It also allows me to look at his style & study how he manages to get the sheep to cooperate, & how he actually keeps a really nice distance from the sheep on his 'fetch'...

Early Morning Herding with Loki....

Aug 5

Loki Practicing his 'Flanks'...

Hot summer days have meant early herding sessions.

So on Saturday, Loki went to the sheep @ 7am & then came to work with me & 'dossed in the back garden of where I work!

We started off practicing flanks, trying to get them on voice command rather than on my body positioning, in the paddock.

I find these sessions have to be short as endless circling doesn't have the appeal to loki as it might do to a BC! No, Loki wants a 'job' to do, & fetching in the big 4 acre field is much more fun (see following Blog).

Megan has gone 'Quackers'!

Aug 1

Megan has discovered a new Herding Hobby : Ducks!

Megan has discovered that Herding is not just limited to Cattle, Sheep & Goats...

Ohhhh no! There are Ducks to be herded too!

There is a large pen in the corner of the 4 acre sheep field where several ducks live, amongst them Indian Runner crosses. They can escape to waddle around the perimeter of the fence, giving Megan an ideal opportunity to try out her driving skills.

She enjoyed it hugely & was a much safer bet than Loki or Tilly who might well have found it hard not to think of 'Duck a la Orange'at the same time!

Meggie returned to her sheep herding with even more enthusiasm afterwards, so I think a little bit of sheep herding may well be good for her confidence!

Loki : some Vallhunds NEED to work !

Aug 1

Herding Hebridean Sheep is a great way to keep fit!!

 Loki has been herding now off & on for 3 years.

When he first started herding he would come home & Tim would say 'What have you done to him - he's so chilled & calm?!'

He actually told us for the first 3 years of his life that he needed to herd, but we didn't know of any Valls in the UK that worked, & his 'messages' fell on deaf ears...His rather nervy energy & continuous restlessness was interpreted by some as just 'odd'....He seemed to lack confidence in seemingly harmless situations, & yet would be incredibly fearless in situations that were actually very risky!

I firmly believe that Loki has found his proper place in the world through Herding.

It's as if the world now makes sense to him.

He has a purpose, & can relax much more easily in other situations now that he has a 'job' to do.....

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