Puppies Explore the World (well part of it.......!)

Dec 27

In which they meet the hoover up close, ride in the car, & whoop it up in the garden...

The puppies went exploring in their 6th & 7th weeks!

Firstly the Dyson Dog Hair Hoover invaluable with a breed that moults! It can look suspiciously like a snake to be killed but the puppies thoroughly inspected it, signed up for an apprenticeship as a Dyson Support/Repair Team, & appear at this stage to have deemed it harmless!

Then the car.....quite a task to put 7 pups in the back of our dog cage, Mum Tilly went along for the ride too. First journey saw one pup a little sick, second & third journeys nobody was sick, & some decided the best option was to sleep. Short journeys only but at least they have experienced some car journey's before they go off to their new homes!

Then the garden.....Nanny Megan led them all outside, & -oh joy!- Autumn means there are leaves on the ground to play with. The watering can proved especially interesting.....Some are even managing to do their toileting outside.....

All in all a busy week & not long before they are off to their new homes.... (apart from Freki of course)

Tilly's Pups, mid November 2013, & off to their new homes!

Dec 27

These are the 6 puppies ready for their new homes & new adventures xxx

It seems a very long time since Tilly & Truls got together on their hot date in the sunshine of July 2013!

All of which resulted in the 'Dragon Litter' - a healthy & of course naughty litter of 7 puppies, so called because Tilly reminded us of a little Dragon as she grew plump in her pregnancy.

We have kept a bitch pup from the litter, more of her later, but here are photos of the 6 who went to their new homes & adventures in mid November.

It has been an amazing experience for us, & we are so glad that we took all that time & effort in finding the very best of homes for Tilly's precious pups.

So here is to Barley (pictured opposite - Bowkol Dragon Haki), Castiel, Isla, Odin, Star & of course the 'Legend' that is Teddy xxx

Week 5 in Puppy Land!

Nov 24

A Retrospecive look at Tilly & her Pups in their 5th week!

Well, the busy busy life of a Household with 7 puppies, super mum Tilly, & Loki & Megan needing their usual walkies, meant that our Puppy Blog has been a little neglected !

It has to be said that Facebook has been a quicker method of updating our Puppy owners of the pups progress, but we of course wanted to record (eventually!) the weekly progress on our Blog!

So here are the pups developing their own individual characters & good look in week 5!

This is Tilly & 'Barley' who is going to live with local Arable Farmers, who have a beautiful 17 year old Vallhund called Katie.

Barley has promised to be VERY respectful to her!

Puppy Party Moves Downstairs!

Nov 4

Pups are socialising & partying with the rest of our 'Household'...

Puppies have moved downstairs to meet the rest of the House Hold!

They have been introduced to the Dyson Doghair Hoover, noisey washing machine, television, & of course Loki & Megan.

Plenty of cuddles from humans of course & they are regularly being let out of the puppy pen to explore the world!

Megan is being a strict bu fair disciplinarian, whilst Loki selects usually very inappropriate toys (his huge football etc) for the puppies to play with.

Tilly continues to be a super mum, still feeding pups but less frequently now that kibble porridge is available!

Puppy Update !!!

Oct 19

Pictures from Tilly's 7 pups in their second week x


Today we are actually on day 24 since Tilly's pups started their Big Adventure into the World......

So finally we have enough time, (inbetween making sure Tilly is doing fine, & checking on pups, & making sure Loki & Tilly are having walkies) to do some Blogs on this gorgeous litter!

Stepping back in time to their second week, Tilly is being an absolute 'Super Mum', eyes were open around day 14, pups starting to stagger a little drunkenly around the puppy pen...

Noticeably we have 2 big boys, a big girl, all darker like their mum in colouring, then a medium sized paler boy like his dad, 2 pale smaller boys, & a dark little girl. All doing well, feeding well, growing plump ! x

Tilly is just being SUCH a superb instinctive Mum, we are soooo proud of her!;

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