June / July 2014 : Champ Shows, Norfolk,Herding, Scent Course & Good Citizens !

Oct 13

Busy 2 months saw 3 pups Crufts qualified (one with a Reserve dogg CC), Megan on a Scent Training course, 2 Pups gain their Bronze KC Good Citizens Awards, a Vallhund Weekend in Norfolk, & a Herding Clinic......

Such a busy 2 months!

Three puppies from Tilly's Dragon Litter went to East of England Champ Show and, under Breed Specialist Judge Karen Gilliland, they had an extremely successful day : Barley (owned by Helen & Bob) won the Puppy Dog Class, beating his sister for Best Puppy, then won the Reserve Dog CC, brother Odin on his first Show outing (owned by Marc, Donna & family) was 3rd in Puppy Dog, so is Crufts Qualified,our Freki was first in Puppy Bitch. Proud dad Truls won his PGD class too.

Megan went to Leeds Champ Show & was 2nd in the biggest class of the day : LB, under Breed Specialist Judge Pauline Harrild. Megan & Tim also attended Part 2 of the Talking Dogs Scent Work Course run by Pam Mackinnon, which included directed searches & search patterns, changing height, increasing the duration, & multiple/zero finds. Megan was described as 'Super Sniffer'and just loved it all!

Then we had a long weekend in Norfolk which our friend Sharon & we organise once a year, a total of about 30 Vallhunds attended, a chance for owners to meet other people who are 'owned by Vallhunds. 11 dogs also attended a Herding Clinic that I organise once a year, this time with Sarah Jenkins & sheep, happily this year all dogs showed a good natural Instinct.

Lastly Barley & Freki amazed Helen & Fi by gaining their KC Bronze Good Citizens award, I have to say with no practice whatsoever......Quite WHY they are so naughty the rest of the time is a mystery to us both!!!

February 2014 - Freki Pup, Ducks & Fun

Sep 29

February saw Freki Pup introduced to duck herding & generally having a blast!

February 2014 saw Freki going out for walkies in the woods with a variety of dogs of all shapes & sizes, without any of her 'family' to back her up - a great way of ensuring that she develops the confidence to stand on her own 4 paws!

We love the fact that she seems to take everything in her stride...

At the beginning of the month she was introduced to ducks, an excellent way of seeing what sort of a herding instinct is in her mind, without being out of her depth. Then she will move onto geese, sheep when she is older.

Very important not to give her any scary experiences at this stage.

March 2014 : Freki & Tilly mum meet up with Barley pup

Sep 29

Freki, Tilly & another of her pupps - Barley- meet up for a walkies with 6 other Vallhunds in a Notts Country Park

We like to get together with friends who are also 'owned' by Vallhunds every so often for a Group Walk, which is great if you only have one Vallhund, as the breed is uncommon, & it's great to get them all together. In the main they all get on really well, though, as in any breed their can be brief 'handbag' moments with entire males if they dont know each other.

Our walk was VERY special as we got meet up with Tilly's 6 month old pup from the Dragon litter: Barley, owned by our friends Helen & Bob. Tilly definitely knew he was one of hers, & Freki delighted in wrestling him to the ground to show him that Vallhund Girls Rool! He will get his own back soon enough...

Pictured are from left to right - Barley, Freki & their proud mum Tilly.

April/May 2014 : Herding in Norfolk & Lincolnshire, National Championship Show

Sep 29

We are always proud that our Bowkol Vallhunds have Brains as well as Beauty !

A busy couple of months : at the Birmingham NationalChampionship Show in Swedish Vallhunds, Loki was 1st in Veteran dog, Tilly 2nd in PGB, Freki was 2nd in PB.

Vallhund entries are fairly small at Champ Shows, so we never let 'success' go to our heads, but our Valls were well behaved & we know they are fit & actually DO the job they were bred for, which is hugely important to us.

We also visited (this was a lot more fun than the Showing !!) Sarah Jenkins in Norfolk , & Dave Pickford when he visited Lincolnshire, for HerdingTraining, I would highly recommend them both to any Vallhunds venturing into herding.

We also visited our 'Local' sheep, Freki & Loki herded Geese.....

OHHH! & someone has pressed the 'ON!!!' Button in Freki'sHerding Brain !!!

Here she is 'helping out' in Norfolk.

Freki Pup : Bowkol Dragon Dancer

Jan 26

Introducing Freki, Tilly's daughter who is here to stay! x


Meet our Freki Pup, the bitch pup we chose to keep from the litter!

She was one of the 3 biggest pups, always confident to the point of being the naughtiest, the first to 'escape' from the puppy pen, & was clearly going to be a handful! Just the sort of puppy we like!

For a Herding perspective we wanted a bold 'explorer' type of character, & to be honest we also just went on 'gut feeling'. She also seemed rather clever socially, making sure that she 'kept in' with our adult dogs.....

Megan enjoys disciplining her, Tilly plays endlessly with her, & Loki is completely besotted by Freki!

So maybe it was actuall all a case of Freki choosing us!!

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