Week 5 in Puppy Land!

A Retrospecive look at Tilly & her Pups in their 5th week!


Well, the busy busy life of a Household with 7 puppies, super mum Tilly, & Loki & Megan needing their usual walkies, meant that our Puppy Blog has been a little neglected !

It has to be said that Facebook has been a quicker method of updating our Puppy owners of the pups progress, but we of course wanted to record (eventually!) the weekly progress on our Blog!

So here are the pups developing their own individual characters & good look in week 5!

This is Tilly & 'Barley' who is going to live with local Arable Farmers, who have a beautiful 17 year old Vallhund called Katie.

Barley has promised to be VERY respectful to her!

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