Vallhunds have 'proper' Training Sheep!

At Last : dog broke sheep in a 4 acre field!!

hrlxtnmegftch1stjly13Happy Days!

After months of 'making do' with sheep who are totally not dog broke, in a field of waist high nettles, electric fencing, debris in the field for sheep to impale them selves on, pigs to distract the dogs, guinea fowl visitors........

We are VERY grateful of course that the owners have allowed us to use their lambs, BUT I am just sooooo glad that @ last we have access to some dog broke Herdwicks, Cheviots & some rather flighty Hebrideans.

10 minutes from where I work, 35 mins drive from home, in a flat grass 4 acre field surrounded by good fencing! 3 times a week...

We can hopefully now get in some proper training. The sheep are no soft touch either, do the wrong thing & they are OFF!

This is Megan today, doing some very nice work & starting to re develop her enthusiasm for work! I really think I can get her confidence back up with these sheep.

Loki & Tilly were far too 'enthusiastic' initially, but they & the sheep will get used to each other eventually!

How lucky are we!!!

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