Tilly's Pups, mid November 2013, & off to their new homes!

These are the 6 puppies ready for their new homes & new adventures xxx

It seemsbarleymain a very long time since Tilly & Truls got together on their hot date in the sunshine of July 2013!

All of which resulted in the 'Dragon Litter' - a healthy & of course naughty litter of 7 puppies, so called because Tilly reminded us of a little Dragon as she grew plump in her pregnancy.

We have kept a bitch pup from the litter, more of her later, but here are photos of the 6 who went to their new homes & adventures in mid November.

It has been an amazing experience for us, & we are so glad that we took all that time & effort in finding the very best of homes for Tilly's precious pups.

So here is to Barley (pictured opposite - Bowkol Dragon Haki), Castiel, Isla, Odin, Star & of course the 'Legend' that is Teddy xxx

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