Tilly has 7 Beautiful Puppies !!!

Tilly had a litter of 2 girls & 5 boys on 25th September 2013


We are hugely proud of our Tilly & her gorgeous mate Truls!

On the 25th September Tilly gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies; 2 girls & one boy.

Whelping took a mere 2 hours which we think is due in part to her being such a fit little Herding Girl!

'Mum' & pups are thriving, more photos to follow when I have caught up on my sleep lol!

Her are the puppies @ 3 days old with Tilly, below is a photo of proud 'Dad' Truls.

Tilly is Starvon Valkyrja Mist for Bowkol.

Truls is Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme.

We are hugely grateful to Rose Peacock-Jackson at the Kirkholme Kennels for allowing us to use her lovely boy, & for all her generosity, knowledge & experience.

It was a first mating for both Tilly & Truls. dad

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