'The Trouble with Sheep' !!

Loki the Vallhund  Researches 'Fly Strike'!

Loki the Vallhund is concerned about one of 'his' sheep!lflystrke13book

He noticed last week that on of his sheep had been afflicted by the dreaded 'Fly Strike', in which flies lay their eggs in the sheep's fleece, then the maggots.....well you can imagine the rest!

It is often said that sheep are always looking for a new way to die!

Like any good shepherd Loki is 'reading up' on the subject, in his book : 'Practical Shepherding in a Smallholding where you are 'Borrowing' Someone Elses Sheep'......

Seriously though, Loki proved useful in that he managed to seperate the poorly sheep from the others & put it in the Barn so it could be treated with a pour on preparation by the owners.


It has been suggested to me that Loki is merely 'Looking @ the Pictures' in these photos, or indeed that I need to buy him some glasses as he is clearly short sighted!!

Ridiculous! If he was unable to read, how would he be able to turn to the correct Chapter on 'Fly Strike'?!

Loki does admit though, that he struggled with some of the longer 'technical' words, such as 'Insecticide' etc......

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