Socialise, Socialise, Socialise !!

Out & About with the 'Epik Litter!'

From the age of 4 weeks, our pups are moved downstairsmainsocial to live with our other dogs, visitors, household noises, television, washing machines, hoovers......

We are passionate that Tilly their mother should be allowed constant access to her puppies long after they are weaned onto solid food, there are sooo many things that she is able to teach them.

This is her second litter, & once again she is dedicated to playing with them, educating them, & if there is something that startles them, she is there immediately - just a little 'nudge' to a pup from 'Mum' & the pup is reassured.

Once again 'strict Nanny Megan', our pack Matriarch is teaching them polite manners, soft boy Uncle Loki is hiding from them on the couch & inviting them to play with toys that are FAR too big for them.

They also have a fun 'Big Sister' Freki from Tilly's 1st litter who is up for every naughty trick & then some....

At 6 weeks 2 little car journeys proved well within their comfort zone,& even a trip to the Vet at 7 weeks was actually quite fun!

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