Puppy Update !!!

Pictures from Tilly's 7 pups in their second week x


Today we are actually on day 24 since Tilly's pups started their Big Adventure into the World......

So finally we have enough time, (inbetween making sure Tilly is doing fine, & checking on pups, & making sure Loki & Tilly are having walkies) to do some Blogs on this gorgeous litter!

Stepping back in time to their second week, Tilly is being an absolute 'Super Mum', eyes were open around day 14, pups starting to stagger a little drunkenly around the puppy pen...

Noticeably we have 2 big boys, a big girl, all darker like their mum in colouring, then a medium sized paler boy like his dad, 2 pale smaller boys, & a dark little girl. All doing well, feeding well, growing plump ! x

Tilly is just being SUCH a superb instinctive Mum, we are soooo proud of her!;

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