Megan rediscovering her love of Herding Today.....

Megan is enjoying her new Training Sheep x

mghlxtn2jly13Megan had a good session today with our new Training Sheep!

She has suffered in the past from advice from trainers to push her 'out' & 'stop' her too much, all of which has made her feel - 'Ok so you dont want me to herd then!' & switch off over the last year or so.

In addition she has come across some challenging sheep who have tried to stamp & butt her, Megan does NOT do confrontation, so whereas Loki has 'blagged' his way through such situations, & Tilly frankly shows nooo fear, Megan would rather back off.

None the less, Meggie has a lovely instinct to develop & is actually more useful in certain situations, where a steady approach is needed, than Loki or Tilly.

After a Training Session in Norfolk in June 2013 with Sarah Jenkins, we realised the way forward with Megan was simply to do nothing, for me to ignore her & just follow sheep around in the field.....

With the 'pressure' taken off our 'people pleasing' Megan, she has started to listen to that small but increasingly insistent voice in her head that says 'Hey! I remember this....bossing sheep around can be FUN after all!!'

It's amazingly difficult as a 'Handler' to do absolutely nothing! But it is working rather well!

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