Megan has gone 'Quackers'!


Megan has discovered a new Herding Hobby : Ducks!

Megan has discovered that Herding is not just limited to Cattle, Sheep & Goats...

Ohhhh no! There are Ducks to be herded too!

There is a large pen in the corner of the 4 acre sheep field where several ducks live, amongst them Indian Runner crosses. They can escape to waddle around the perimeter of the fence, giving Megan an ideal opportunity to try out her driving skills.

She enjoyed it hugely & was a much safer bet than Loki or Tilly who might well have found it hard not to think of 'Duck a la Orange'at the same time!

Meggie returned to her sheep herding with even more enthusiasm afterwards, so I think a little bit of sheep herding may well be good for her confidence!

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