March 2014 : Freki & Tilly mum meet up with Barley pup

Freki, Tilly & another of her pupps - Barley- meet up for a walkies with 6 other Vallhunds in a Notts Country Park

We like to get together with friends who are also 'owned' by familyclumberVallhunds every so often for a Group Walk, which is great if you only have one Vallhund, as the breed is uncommon, & it's great to get them all together. In the main they all get on really well, though, as in any breed their can be brief 'handbag' moments with entire males if they dont know each other.

Our walk was VERY special as we got meet up with Tilly's 6 month old pup from the Dragon litter: Barley, owned by our friends Helen & Bob. Tilly definitely knew he was one of hers, & Freki delighted in wrestling him to the ground to show him that Vallhund Girls Rool! He will get his own back soon enough...

Pictured are from left to right - Barley, Freki & their proud mum Tilly.

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