Loki working his new flock for the 2nd time today x

Keeping those Hebrideans under control....JUST!


Loki did sooo well today!

It was his 2nd go with his new sheep.....

The 5 Hebrideans will sprint out of the County if your dog does the wrong thing, they were bought by their owner as a 'challenge' for his BC's.

So initially I was quite strict will Loki, since on his 1st go he was much too enthusiatic!

Today his previous understanding of 'circling wide' stood him in good stead x

'Mum' took hold of a length of plastic hollow tubing rather than a stock stick, ... nooo running 'beserka syle' @ the sheep Loki....shows how far he has come since the days of 'OMG it's a stick, the world will end'!

This was enough to distract him from a too direct approach, he kept wide, & within minutes the Hebrideans & their buddies were deciding that the handler was a better option that the dog, so Loki was fetching them to me!

Not bad for a little guy who cannot out sprint the Hebs in a 4 Acre field !

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