Loki : some Vallhunds NEED to work !

Herding Hebridean Sheep is a great way to keep fit!!

lokiftchbst Loki has been herding now off & on for 3 years.

When he first started herding he would come home & Tim would say 'What have you done to him - he's so chilled & calm?!'

He actually told us for the first 3 years of his life that he needed to herd, but we didn't know of any Valls in the UK that worked, & his 'messages' fell on deaf ears...His rather nervy energy & continuous restlessness was interpreted by some as just 'odd'....He seemed to lack confidence in seemingly harmless situations, & yet would be incredibly fearless in situations that were actually very risky!

I firmly believe that Loki has found his proper place in the world through Herding.

It's as if the world now makes sense to him.

He has a purpose, & can relax much more easily in other situations now that he has a 'job' to do.....

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