Loki Preparing for his Herding Clinic with Lynn Leach in the UK....

Loki is excited! In 5 days he is attending a 'Herding Clinic' in Yorkshire - he will be the only Vallhund there xxx


Loki ( & particularly his 'mum!' actually ! ) is very excited that next Friday & Saturday he is attending a Herding Clinic with the very well known Canadian 'All Breeds' Herding Trainer Lynn Leach in Yorkshire!

Loki will be the only Swedish Vallhund attending, so he is hoping to BE what he IS, & show what he CAN do, & his 'mum' is hoping to LEARN some specific things! 

I am also hoping to get advice on my little talented one Tilly (she who goes for the 'heads' of stock... where the control is ) xxx And also how ducks may help my 'driving girl' Megan find her true place in the Herding World.....

Meanwhile Loki had a good work out @ 7 a.m. today! Last week the kind owner of the sheep got his BC to put them in the paddock from the 4 acre field for us with a beautiful outrun in probably 3 minutes.... But heh! Loki achieved the same eventually today! Not glamorous but effective! Took him considerably longer, but .....Then he did some good flanking, & Megan gained further confidence...

All a big Herding Journey for us all!

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