Loki moving 11 sheep out of the Barn

One example of a practicle task for your Vallhund in a Smallholding!

One example of a practicle 'chore' for your Vallhund in a Smallholding : Taking Sheep out of a Barn!barnoutjly13m

It's quite easy for Loki to persuade these C.A.D.E. Lambs to go into the Barn - which they associate with warmth, food & safety.

However when asked to exit the Barn, they all gather together in a corner, one even stands on the hay bale.

Some dogs find sheep huddled together difficult to move, & the obvious approach of running @ them could end in disaster, as panicked sheep are very skilled at doing suicidal things, & there are several obstacles in the Barn for them to damage themselves on.

So, if you click on the Gallery below, you will see that Loki is actually capable of trotting to circle around the edge of the Barn (come bye) keeping nicely on the far side of the sheep, with enough purpose to persuade them to leave the security of their corner, but in a steady manner.

Quite a contrast to the idea that Vallhunds are 'just' Cattle Herders who rather wildly move stock on by keeping just behind their heels, nipping & barking.

If necessary Loki will give a quick 'force bark' if the sheep are reluctant to move, which again is a perfectly acceptable 'tool' that a Vallhund has in his 'armory'.

Job done Loki!

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