Loki & Herding Clinics...

Loki has returned from his 2 day Herding Clinic.....glad to be 'home' with 'his sheep x


Loki & I spent 2 Days @ a Herding Clinic recently, all of which clarified certain things in my mind!

One thing is that Loki is not really a 'Herding Clinic' Dog!

Although he did fine, he finds the presence of a Trainer/stranger putting new 'pressures' on him too much, to the extent that on the second day he started to switch off, & instead of concentrating on work, found distractions in eating sheep poo & eventually walking away!

He also finds training exercises rather pointless & uninteresting unless he sees a job to do with it all....

I suspect Tilly would have taken the training methods used in her stride, as she can take 'Pressure' much better than Loki. But another time I may just spectate, observe, & take away what I like & find useful, rather than actually working Loki in a situation where the pressure is all too much.

 The top photo is one of Loki @ the Clinic, the bottom lynnleachclinicaug13psone is of him @ home with 'his' sheep in the paddock a few days later.....

Interestingly @ the Clinic, he completely shut down on his 'Come Bye' flank because of too much pressure....In the 2nd photo, all that has changed for him is that is is feeling no pressure......on his 'bye Flank' he is suddenly fast, square & covering to the outside...

Good lad Loki xx

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