Loki & Freki pup visit Norfolk for more Herding Training

October & November Herding in Norfolk......muddy, happy dogs!

October & November 2014 saw Loki (pictured)hrdnflkmain & apprentice herder Freki Pup visitng Norfolk again for more herding training with Sarah Jenkins.

The November sessions saw a virtual mud bath for both dogs but they still showed endless enthusiasm for the task.

In the last session they both benefitted from working with BC Dot, as the sheep were very light lambs from this year, & the field enormous, so Freki in particularwas helped by Dot covering the sheep's escape routes to the far side of the field.

Loki in the past has been quite unsettled by the presence of a BC working in the same field, this time I was really pleased to see him unphased by Dots presence & work as a rather 'odd' looking brace!

Meanwhile back at home Freki's mother Tilly is starting to look like a round little Xmas pudding....!

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