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Tilly at the Herding Taster DayOn 04.05.2013, we organised a Herding ‘taster’ Day, held @ Pickering, North Yorkshire, with ‘All Breeds’ Herding Trainer Jackie Goulder, together with our friend Sharon Sibley.

Loki & Tilly were Chief Sheep Martials for the day, Loki in particular demonstrating various ‘chores’ that Vallhunds are capable of, such as bringing a flock of 13 sheep in from a big field, holding them to the gate so Fi could put 3 Swales into the paddock where Loki demonstrated penning them, & taking them out of the pen into another field.

He then took 3 Shetlands into a pen, where 5 ‘newbie’ Valls were then tested for their Instinct with sheep for the first time. Happily all Valls demonstrated a good Instinct (we held a similar day in 2012 @ a different venue where only 4 out of 9 dogs showed an interest) Owners were also able to see a Kelpie, KC Beardie & ACD show their various skills with sheep.

Many thanks to the 6 intrepid Vallhund owners,namely Sharon & Alan, Karen & Morvyn, Julie & Walter, who attended what was a successful & enjoyable day. It was great to see 5 ‘novice’ Vallhunds who do indeed retain their Instinct & enthusiasm for work!

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