Freki Pup : Bowkol Dragon Dancer

Introducing Freki, Tilly's daughter who is here to stay! x


Meet our Freki Pup, the bitch pup we chose to keep from the litter!

She was one of the 3 biggest pups, always confident to the point of being the naughtiest, the first to 'escape' from the puppy pen, & was clearly going to be a handful! Just the sort of puppy we like!

For a Herding perspective we wanted a bold 'explorer' type of character, & to be honest we also just went on 'gut feeling'. She also seemed rather clever socially, making sure that she 'kept in' with our adult dogs.....

Megan enjoys disciplining her, Tilly plays endlessly with her, & Loki is completely besotted by Freki!

So maybe it was actuall all a case of Freki choosing us!!

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