Epik Litter Update ! 24 days old

Puppies from Tilly x Milo's Epik Litter Thriving

The pups, 3 boys & a girl are thriving, as is Mum Tilly. milopupsday22

'Look after the mother & she will look after the pups' is such a true saying about dog breeding!

Tilly is thoroughly enjoying having these pups,it must seem very easy to her after her first litter of seven!

They are still upstairs in the whelping room, butTilly is enjoying 'chilling out' with our other dogs & us too, popping up & downstairs as she feels necessaryto tend to her little ones.

Once again she is just being a 'super mum', we are so proud of her.

Loki in particular seems very mellow, must be all those hormones from Tilly!

Pictured below are the pups at 24 days old.

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