25th September 2014 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tilly x Truls Pups - ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!

One year ago Tilly gave birth to 7 beautiful healthy Puppies : the Bowkol Dragon Litter, 7 puppies entered the world in 2 hours - a testament to Tilly's fitness & instinct as a fantastic mother Vallhund!!!

25th of September was a date that tillymum3we will never forget!

7 puppies were born from our Tilly x Truls mating, all were healthy, & Tilly was THE most fantastic, instinctive mother.

We are sooo happy that all of our wonderfiul puppy owners have kept in touch throughout the year.

Thankyou to all of you for giving Tilly x Truls special puppies such lovely active homes, we are just SOOOO proud of all the puppies !

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