Muddy Family Reunion & Herding

Mar 31

Tilly meets up with 2 more of her pups & enjoys some Herding in Cheshire

Few things are better than a muddy walk with your family!

We met up with Tilly's pup Barley from her Dragon litter & puppy Havoc (all of nearly 4 months old so needing to be

carried some of the way) from her recent Epik litter, together friends Helen, Louise, son Harvey & Louise's 2 other Vallhunds, Billy Bob, Maisie & Sparkie the BC. Oh & of course Freki came along too!

Later in the month, a trip to Herding Trainer Dave Pickford in Cheshire saw Tilly back with sheep for the first time since her 'maternity leave'!

Crufts 2015

Mar 15

6 Bowkol Vallhunds Strut their Stuff @ Crufts 2015...

Crufts 2015 was a long day out for our Vallhunds, they needed a really good long walk the next day to recover!

We were very proud that they took the big occasion in their stride.

Megan (Castleavery Gold Gaiety for Bowkol) : 1st in Veteran Bitch. (pictured Right)

Loki (Starvon Off the Cuff for Bowkol) :2nd in Veteran Dog.

Tilly (Starvon Valkyrja Mist for Bowkol) Reserve in Post Grad Bitch.

Freki (Bowkol Dragon Dancer) Reserve in Junior Bitch.

Odin (Bowkol Dragon Rider) 3rd in Post Grad Dog. (Owned by Marc & Donna)

Barley (Bowkol Dragon Haki) Reserve in Post Grad Dog. (Owned by Helen & Bob)

We were particularly proud to see Odin & Barley - 2 of Tilly's pups from the Dragon Litter at their owners first ever Crufts, behaving so condifently & happily in the Ring - a Big Congrats to Marc & Helen for handling them so well x


The 'Epik Litter' are off to New Adventures !

Feb 8

The Epik Litter say goodbye - but we know they will keep in touch....

7 weeks & a bit old is a good time to go to new homes, reseach & experience tells us they adapt best to new situations at this age.

At first we thought it would be upsetting not to keep any pups (we never planned to as our dogs are our companions in our home as there is a limit to how many we can have in our home & do justice to their lives & activities.

But the great thing about being so VERY fussy about who gets a pup from us is that it was actually a real pleasure to see them ready to leave homes with great adventures ahead of them.

Havoc (pictured saying 'Bye bye for now!' to mum Tilly) - now lives with my friend Louise, her older 2 Valhunds, a BC & the legendary Peppa the mini bull terrier.

Sage is living with Teddy, who is from Tilly's 1st Dragon litter, to live a lovely outdoor life with Lyndsey, her family & horses.

Rune is off to Scotland & a life with Adele & Ed, 10 year old Oskar Vallhund & Lottie the Whippet, & lovely walks around local Lochs & hillsides when he is old enough.

Hugo is living a lovely life with Helen & Richard on the Welsh Coast, a beach at his doorstep & I know some very special adventures lie ahead....

Thankyou all for giving Tilly & Milo's puppies wonderful Homes! xxx

Socialise, Socialise, Socialise !!

Jan 21

Out & About with the 'Epik Litter!'

From the age of 4 weeks, our pups are moved downstairs to live with our other dogs, visitors, household noises, television, washing machines, hoovers......

We are passionate that Tilly their mother should be allowed constant access to her puppies long after they are weaned onto solid food, there are sooo many things that she is able to teach them.

This is her second litter, & once again she is dedicated to playing with them, educating them, & if there is something that startles them, she is there immediately - just a little 'nudge' to a pup from 'Mum' & the pup is reassured.

Once again 'strict Nanny Megan', our pack Matriarch is teaching them polite manners, soft boy Uncle Loki is hiding from them on the couch & inviting them to play with toys that are FAR too big for them.

They also have a fun 'Big Sister' Freki from Tilly's 1st litter who is up for every naughty trick & then some....

At 6 weeks 2 little car journeys proved well within their comfort zone,& even a trip to the Vet at 7 weeks was actually quite fun!

Epik Litter Update ! 24 days old

Jan 15

Puppies from Tilly x Milo's Epik Litter Thriving

The pups, 3 boys & a girl are thriving, as is Mum Tilly.

'Look after the mother & she will look after the pups' is such a true saying about dog breeding!

Tilly is thoroughly enjoying having these pups,it must seem very easy to her after her first litter of seven!

They are still upstairs in the whelping room, butTilly is enjoying 'chilling out' with our other dogs & us too, popping up & downstairs as she feels necessaryto tend to her little ones.

Once again she is just being a 'super mum', we are so proud of her.

Loki in particular seems very mellow, must be all those hormones from Tilly!

Pictured below are the pups at 24 days old.

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