Swedish Vallhunds just love to be 'Out & About' participating in all sorts of activities from country walks to mountaineering. Hove over the images below and click the readmore links to find out more.


  • Herding Livestock

    Herding Livestock

    Swedish Vallhunds were originally bred as general purpose Farm dogs. Traditionally they have been mainly used for taking cattle out to pasture, but some can also be used to work sheep, goats and geese.
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  • Mountaineering


    Our Vallhunds are enthusiastic ‘Mountaineers’, accompanying us on expeditions in the far North West Highlands of Scotland && Lake District. Their woolly undercoats & waterproof top coats mean that they are never cold at altitude, & a dip in mountain streams or lochs soon cools them down in hot weather. They are agile ‘rock scramblers’, light enough to
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  • Country Pursuits

    Country Pursuits

    Our main reason for having dogs is because we love taking them out on ‘proper’ walks! We are fortunate to live in an area of the East Midlands where we are a short car journeys ride from many excellent ‘off leash’ walks. We have forest trails, where our dogs may meet up to 20 dogs
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  • Tracking


    In April 2012 Megan & Tim attended the John Rogerson 'Canine Crime Scene Investigation' 4 Day Course: Day 1 involved some basic obedience, recall, scent training & teamwork exercises. Day 2 included training 'stops', 'freeze', & tracking various scents. (Apparently Megan was particularly good @ tracking to 'cadaver' scent - nice!!)
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